About Us

Fresh Ichiba translated means Fresh Market Place. It was created by a group of Japanese and US designers who's vision it was to deliver a different aspect of Japanese culture to the mainstream fashion world.

We believe that many US citizen are proud of the state they live in and we wanted to offer them a unique way to represent their home-state. With our 50 States in Japanese we present two ways your state is written in Japanese: HIRAGANA and KANJI. A mix of apparel and accessories are available in your home-state design.

Moreover, our Off-the-Wall collection offers a wider range of designs related to Japan's famous pop culture.

We hope our designs are to your liking and we will continue to push the envelope and come up with new inspirations.


Your Fresh Ichiba Team



Samurai Sports Marketing LLC
1-7-3 Hamamatsucho
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Japan 105-0013