Buzz Words

In the Japanese language there are many very unusual and unique saying and quirky words. Some of these are very funny and some are lost in translation, which results in even more hilarious meanings. We dedicate this collection to Japanese Buzz Words.

Our Collections

  • If you already got a vaccine, you can show off your proof of vaccination like that!

    I got vaccine
  • "Kyun desu" is a funny and cute way to say I love you or I like you.

  • "Pien" is slang for feeling down or being sad. This expression can often be seen in the manga culture.

  • "Paon" is literally the sound that elephants make and is used to express a sad feeling.

  • Fresh Ichiba's original logo. "Ichiba" means market in Japanese. We want to convey the essence of Japanese culture and the atmosphere as a fresh market for Jap...

    fresh ichiba