Japan's distinctive culture and unique traditions are the inspirations behind this collection. Our designs reflect aspects of Japanese culture that still have a lasting impact on our lives and we want to continue honoring the spirit and beauty of this heritage.

Our Collections

  • The Kabuto is an armored helmet traditionally worn by samurai. We picked up some of the Great Samurai’s Kabuto in Japanese real history.

  • The Shiba-Inu is a Japanese hunting dog. Hachi was born in Hawaii and now 2 years old boy.
    He enjoys visiting and traveling to Japan, which his parents' home country.

  • 50 States in Japanese. Show your support for your state in a different way.
    We translated your state name into Japanese Kanji and Hiragana.

    50 States
  • We all have to do our part to bring down the curve of infections, but we can portrays this message in a fun way! This collection focuses on using Japanese designs to advocate...

    Social Distance
  • Your Name/Your favorite words/phrases in Handwritten Traditional Japanese - Order-Made