Garlic Miso Set (3 Jars)
Garlic Miso Set (3 Jars)
Garlic Miso Set (3 Jars)
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Garlic Miso Set (3 Jars)

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Greetings From Yamashiroya

We are a family operating Yamashiroya, a small ryokan (Japanese-style inn) in Yuhira Onsen of Oita Prefecture. 

About 15 years ago, our inn became increasingly popular with international guests. During peak season, 80% of our guests were from abroad, and our inn was booked full for days. In 2017, we were rated the third-best ryokan in Japan by TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel website. 

We were even interviewed by foreign travel magazines, and welcomed guests from South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand!

Due to COVID-19 and the heavy rainfall on July 7, 2020, the number of guests has decreased, with sales dwindling to 10% of our peak. To keep our business afloat, we are now accepting day-trip and lunchtime guests.

Everyone Loved It! The Owner’s Secret Recipe

For years, the miso-glazed eggplant has been our most popular dish at dinnertime. 

Our homemade dengaku miso sauce is crucial for this dish. Our chief “okami” (inn matron), Sachiko Goto, is 80 years old, and the mother of our current proprietress. She makes the miso according to a secret recipe perfected over 50 years.

Realizing that this sauce is a unique resource for us, we began selling it to guests as well. 

Since traveling abroad has become difficult, we hope to deliver this miso to people around the world. That way, they can experience an authentic taste of a ryokan in their own homes and look forward to visiting Yamashiroya when things return to normal. 

On Yamashiroya's YouTube channel, you can find Japanese recipes that are easy to cook using the Yamashiroya miso sauce!

Three Types of Yamashiroya Miso

While miso (fermented soybean paste) is generally known as the ingredient in miso soup, it can also be used as a seasoning for various dishes.

In addition to dengaku miso, our okami has made recipes for garlic miso and mustard vinegar miso.

With a little ingenuity, the sauce can be added to meat, fish, Japanese dishes (tempura and tofu), and Western dishes (pasta). Miso is truly a versatile seasoning.

Dengaku Miso: Rich and Sweet

Miso-glazed eggplant is a staple on our dinnertime menu. This type of miso also pairs well with deep-fried tofu and tempura!

Garlic Miso Containing Dried Small Sardines

This miso is perfect for a wide variety of dishes, including meat and fish. Dissolve the miso in hot water to use it as a sauce for tsukemen (dipping noodles).

Mustard-Mixed Vinegared Miso: Sweet, Tangy, and Hot

Miso also enhances the taste of octopus, squid, and various whitefish. It even makes the perfect dip for vegetable sticks!

Delivering Our Homemade Miso Sauce to the World

People from around the world have appreciated the dishes cooked by our owner for over 50 years. We hope to encourage people to visit our ryokan after the pandemic settles down by delivering our miso worldwide.